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Chillow Pillow Review – Is It Actually Cool?

Are you the kind of person that flips their pillow all through the night, just to keep it nice and cool? If so, that means you’re interrupting your sleep more than you should.


The good news is that there’s something you can do about it. Keeping your pillow cool while you sleep sounds like a dream. But it’s not.

The Chillow pillow is an amazing cooling pad that can help you sleep through the night and wake up refreshed. This Chillow pillow review will explore how well this design works and outline its main features.

What Is a Chillow Pillow?

The Chillow is a water-based cooling pad or a slip, designed to make your nights more comfortable. If you have a sunburn, a fever, experience night sweats, or just run hot when you sleep, Chillow can help you out.

It has a very soft, glove leather exterior that feels cool to the touch. And it offers a soft and cool memory foam feeling, unlike gel products that can often feel very stiff.

It always stays quite squishy and soft. The best thing about Chillow is that it doesn’t require any electricity or even refrigeration. You don’t have to put it back into the fridge every 20 minutes or so. In terms of manufacture, the Chillow pillow is designed and produced in the US and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or ingredients.

How Does It Work?

The idea behind the Chillow pillow is that water is an excellent conductor of heat, which is precisely what you want to draw excess heat from your body. It absorbs the heat, which is then let out through the air on the other side of the pillow.

You can also expect the edges of the pillow to feel a lot cooler than the rest of the pad since they don’t actually absorb any heat. This means that even though Chillow will remain cool through the night, it’s going to feel warmer in the morning. This isn’t a downside but a feature. When you purchase your Chillow, you must activate it correctly.

You might think that you have to change the water all the time, but that’s not the case. You need to fill it with water only once, that’s why everything must be done correctly. Here’s how you successfully activate your Chillow:

Step 1 – Adding Water

When you unpack your Chillow, you should unroll it on a squeaky clean, water-resistant surface. Make sure that the valve side is up and then remove the valve cap. Before that, prepare eight to nine cups of warm tap water and then start pouring it into the valve. Don’t worry if a little bit of water spills, there isn’t an exact amount of water required to do this.

Step 2 – Let the Chillow Rest

Once you’ve poured all the water in, close the valve as tightly as possible. Now, you must let your Chillow rest for four hours. This is when it will activate. And then all you have to do is roll out the air bubble that’s formed inside. Note that there shouldn’t be any air left inside your Chillow, otherwise, the heat-absorbing properties won’t be as effective.

Step 3 – Roll the Chillow

The next thing you should do is roll the Chillow as if it was a sleeping bag. Make sure that you start from the side without the valve. This process makes the air go into an air pocket unit located at the valve end of the pillow. Also, it’s probably best that you don’t rush it, as you don’t want to let any of the air accidentally stay inside the Chillow.

Step 4 – Release the Air

When your Chillow pillow pad is rolled up, hold it in place, and then take the corner with the valve and uncap it very slowly. The air bubble will be released, and to ensure all of the air is out, just try pushing it out with your fingers. When you’re certain all of the air is gone, put the cap back on the valve. Now you have a vacuum seal.

Step 5 – Let It Cool Down

It’s time to let the Chillow sit for a while. Don’t place it in under direct sunlight, though. Otherwise, room temperature is just fine. After a few hours, it should start looking kind of wrinkled and feel vacuum-tight. If it doesn’t look like that, chances are there’s some more air inside. If that’s the case, repeat the rolling of the pillow and releasing the air steps.

Who Can Benefit from Chillow Pillow?

There are many reasons why you’d want to feel extra cool during the night. Maybe it’s the middle of the summer, and you want to reduce your air conditioning expenses. Besides, the Chillow pillow isn’t only for sleeping. You can also put it behind your back when you’re watching TV, or on your legs and feet if they tend to run hot too.

It’s can also be immensely helpful to women going through menopause and having to deal with hot flashes. The night sweating can be particularly hard on some people, and a nice cooling pad like Chillow could make all the difference. People going through chemotherapy and experiencing hot flashes and sudden body temperature changes are likely to find Chillow a helpful tool in their recovery too.

There are many medical and non-medical reasons why sleeping on a cool surface is beneficial to your health. Experts agree that sleeping in a cool room and using breathable bedsheets is very important for your health. And even if that doesn’t prevent you from tossing your covers off during the night or twisting and turning because you feel hot, considering Chillow might be a good idea.

Chillow Pillow and Punctures

With any water-based pillow or pad, there’s always a concern about leaks and punctures. What does this mean in relation to the Chillow? Well, it’s very important to try and avoid puncturing your Chillow. This is a pad made from quite soft materials that can be easily punctured. And it’s not just keeping knives and scissors away. There are other potential everyday culprits to pay attention to. Things like:

  •   Earrings
  •   Hairpins
  •   Small rocks
  •   Animals’ teeth or claws
  •   Watches and bracelets
  •   Sharp furniture edges

Chillow Pillow Advantages

Water pillows, in general, have a lot of advantages compared to the traditional type of pillows. And the one advantage Chillow has over regular water-based pillows is its size and shape. This means that you can put it over your traditional pillow, or better yet, inside the pillowcase. But here are a few more advantages of using the Chillow pillow.

Works with Any Sleeping Position

Do you sleep on your back or on your side? Or maybe you prefer sleeping on your stomach? It doesn’t matter, because Chillow will accommodate any type of sleeper. It will adjust accordingly, and you won’t experience any discomfort or have to switch to a different position.

Makes You Fall Asleep Faster

No, Chillow won’t cure your insomnia, but it may cut the time it takes for you to fall asleep. If it takes you a long time to settle in bed, which makes you anxious and unable to fall asleep, it can be really frustrating. The cooling, soft feel of Chillow against your skin is sure to calm you down a bit and help you relax.

It Can Offer Pain Relief

So many people struggle with chronic pain in their back, neck, or suffer through excruciating migraines. Often a cold press helps to relieve the symptoms. The Chillow is like a very large and soft cold press that retains the coolness for longer. If your pain level is higher in the mornings, you might benefit from sleeping on a cool pillow throughout the night.

Chillow Pillow Disadvantages

It’s hard to find a substantial flaw in the idea and design of the Chillow pillow. It does what it’s meant to do. Still, not all users are going to be happy with it. Here are some potential issues some customers have experienced:

  •   The activation could seem overly complicated
  •   The cooling effect might not be enough for some
  •   Possible development of mold

Chillow Pillow FAQs

How Big Is the Chillow Pillow?

When you activate the Chillow it will expand 20.5” in length, 15” in width, and ¾” in depth. After you’ve added the water, the weight will increase to be around 4.4lbs. Even though the dimensions are close to a traditional pillow, the weight is considerably higher.

How Do You Clean Chillow Pillow?

Naturally, one of the most critical questions is how to clean and properly maintain your Chillow. You should wipe the pillow with a cloth and some warm water and gentle detergent. In case you’re using Chillow directly on your skin, you should apply this cleaning method every three to four weeks.

How to Make Your Chillow Even Cooler?

Here’s the fantastic thing about Chillow – it matches your body’s needs when it comes to cooling down. If you spend the day in the heat or were very active, the Chillow will provide the exact amount of cool freshness you need.

However, when you’re just waking up in the morning, when your metabolism has slowed down, and your body is already much cooler, Chillow will feel only slightly cooler. But if you really need some extra freshness, you can always put Chillow in the fridge for about 25-30 minutes. Not in the freezer, though. Never in the freezer.

Can You Take the Chillow Outside?

The answer to this question is not a straightforward yes or no. Generally speaking, Chillow is best left indoors due to potentially damaging sun exposure. On the other hand, if you took it outside and put it under your shirt while you sit on the porch or terrace, it should be fine for an hour or so. After that, it would have to cool to room temperature or be placed in the fridge for 15-30 minutes.

Can Pets Use It?

This is a definite no. This pillow is for human use only. If your pets use it, there’s a high chance their claws will puncture it. This won’t only impact the Chillow’s longevity but void the 12-month guarantee that comes when purchasing a Chillow.

Will It Move While I Sleep?

One of the more prominent concerns about Chillow is whether it will move while you sleep. And since it’s a cooling pad that works best if you slip it inside your pillowcase, it makes sense to wonder how it will fit. The linen texture of some pillowcases might not have a perfect grip. You can move the Chillow higher in the pillowcase, positioning it towards the center of the pillow itself.

How Do You Store Chillow Pillow?

In case you want to put away your Chillow for a while, you don’t need to drain it first. That’s important to remember. Because if you do, it means that all of the antimicrobial properties will be gone as well. The best way to store it is to put it between two clean towels and place flat in a dry, dark place. This is the best way to avoid the development of mold. Also, don’t put anything on top of the stored Chillow.

Staying Cool with Chillow Pillow

This Chillow Pillow review has given you all the details about how it works and what you can expect from this pretty great cooling pad. It’s meant to be practical and not just for sleeping, which is great. The science behind the Chillow is clear. It relies on water heat conductivity properties to keep you cool. It’s good that there are no gel and latex substances in the pad. But ultimately, how the cooling features will help you personally, depends on your expectations.

How cool is cool enough? There’s no doubt that the Chillow will bring the coolness, but whether it will deliver how you need it can only be verified in person. It’s not a miracle device, that’s for sure. But it’s a well-made cooling pillow that will be there for you when you need to cool down a bit. We hope this Chillow pillow review helped in your expectations setting.