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King Koil Mattress Review

If you’ve had enough of restless nights, tossing and turning, or waking up whenever your partner moves in bed, it’s no surprise that you may have turned your attention to King Koil mattresses.

That said, picking the right model is hard to do based on just one or two King Koil mattress reviews. Being one of the major players on the market, it’s all about variety for King Koil.


Apart from offering something for everyone, King Koil also exercises some interesting pricing choices. Some of which are often criticized as being a bit excessive. Hopefully, these King Koil collection reviews will help put things into perspective for you.

King Koil History

The brand was released back in 1898. Although it started out with innerspring mattresses, like many other brands at that time, years of experience, thirst for innovation, and a high standard of excellence brought the brand into the foam and hybrid mattress market.

Although King Koil doesn’t have amazing availability online, most of the mattresses are nothing if not staples of expert craftsmanship.

But, given the serious lack of trial options, with some older models still not being redesigned, and many high prices, the manufacturer’s track record with its customers hasn’t always been the best.

Yet, there’s a massive choice of mattresses and technologies that can’t be overlooked. And what better way to address this than to dive right into some reviews of all King Koil mattresses.

King Koil Collections

King Koil doesn’t only make one type of mattress. It offers seven different mattress collections, with unique designs and features that cater to specific user groups.

It’s important to understand that King Koil has been innovating mattress comfort and support technologies for some time now. As such, there can be some wide discrepancies in performance and pricing when it comes to older vs. newer mattress designs and collections.

But each collection holds some unique combinations of different layers, new technologies, and innovative designs that either enhance existing mattress builds or create entirely new sleeping conditions. All of which is done in order to cater to the latest demands.


The SmartLife collection is geared towards smart homeowners or people that love technology. The mattress is fitted with body sensing technology, patented by King Koil, and offers amazing comfort customization options.

A large number of algorithms are used to adjust the mattress according to the user’s body shape, weight, height, and preferences. The algorithms can alter the responsiveness and shape of the smart cells.

The 80 smart cells embedded in the SmartLife mattresses are distributed in groups of 10, from the top to the bottom of the mattress. These cells can also be used to monitor sleep patterns, give gentle full-body massages, and even wake the user up in the morning. This certainly beats a loud alarm clock.

You can also find different cooling technologies in this collection. One of the mattresses uses an open-cell structure memory foam to dissipate heat. Another relies on the HyPurgel top layer which favors natural cooling.

The responsive memory foam layer is the same throughout the collection. The 4# RMF layer has been optimized for weight distribution and prevention of pressure points. For some, it may be seen as a solution for restless sleepers too.


  •   Three models available
  •   Patented body sensing technology
  •   Responsive memory foam layer
  •   Innovative cool technologies
  •   Adaptable comfort


  •   Among the most expensive King Koil mattresses
  •   Inconsistencies in app performance


The King Koil Intimate collection offers a wide range of mattresses, for both non-picky and hard-to-please users. This collection also offers more affordable prices, which is saying a lot by King Koil standards

Handcrafted designs are the main highlights here. Alongside premium foam layers and micro coils that improve the bounce and responsiveness of the mattresses. The more expensive mattresses in the collection will also feature exotic materials and even more comfort, especially concerning restless sleepers.

The entire collection features encased coil layers. This design does a good job of minimizing cross bed motion and the creation of pressure points. With minimal cross bed movement, this type of mattress is geared towards couples.

Longevity is also a key aspect of the Intimate collection. Most mattresses will have tailormade tufting. This maintains a high degree of comfort as it prevents shifting layers. In addition, it also provides sag control for long periods of time.

All mattresses in this collection will feature at least four layers and a non-flip design. There will be variations on the cooling technologies used, but for the most part, it will either be the HypurGel or graphite infused memory foam layer.



  •   Massive size and style variety
  •   Handcrafted covers
  •   Exotic materials
  •   Encased micro coils
  •   More affordable prices


  •   Most mattresses have medium firmness
  •   No reinforced edge support


King Koil Xtended offers a midrange-priced collection of mattresses that offer superior durability and longevity, compared to most others from the manufacturer. The focus of this collection is to offer long-term reliability and comfort consistency.

While the Xtended collection doesn’t have the same level of comfort as other King Koil mattresses, it still caters to a large user base. Mattresses come with a natural and very breathable Tencel fabric. This facilitates some pressure relief and limits the amount of motion while twisting and turning in bed.

Another highlight is the graphite latex layer. This is what enhances the durability while at the same time enhancing the moisture-wicking properties of the mattress.

The collection is perhaps best defined by the unique coil system. Xtended features a layer of active and reactive coils, in the form of the 1022 PCR or Perfect Contour Reaction Coil System. This does a great job in maintaining proper spinal posture as well as upping the weight limit of the mattress.

Due to the unique design of the coil system, motion disturbance is also reduced. To top things off, this collection boasts mattresses with an extra-strength wood foundation for even more support and improved longevity.


  •   More coils
  •   Graphite latex for added breathability
  •   Wood foundation
  •   Good moisture-wicking properties
  •   Long-lasting and consistent comfort


  •   Only three mattresses in the collection
  •   Limited firmness variation


Another collection with low model variety but consistent feel and comfort is the iBed collection. One of the defining features is the iFusion Technology. This is a layer of gel-memory foam that also features open cells.

It helps the mattress contour the shape of the body and maintains a natural cooling effect. Graphite-infused memory foam is also used in another layer to further help with heat dissipation. HypurAir Gel is used also and will help improve the airflow between the mattress layers.

One of the mattresses in the collection uses the 1041 ContourPro coil system. This features encased coils that minimize cross bed movement. However, the main improvement in the collection is the use of the 4K Micro Coils system.

This provides a build-defining level of pressure relief, spinal support, and even edge support. In terms of price to performance ratio, the iBed collection offers great value for money. Even though, neither mattress in the line-up can be considered high-end by King Koil standards.


  •   Great edge support
  •   Minimal cross-bed movement
  •   Unique micro coil system
  •   Up to 4,000 micro coils per mattress
  •   Five-layer mattress design


  •   Only three mattresses in the collection
  •   Doesn’t have the sturdiest of base layers


The iMattress collection offers the most affordable range of King Koil mattresses. There are just three of them in the collection, one of medium firmness, and two softer models with very few differences between them.

What makes the iMattress collection most appealing is its country-wide availability as part of the Express Comfort delivery program. In terms of comfort, one of the mattresses comes with an organic wool layer, which favors natural temperature regulation and provides some water repellent and flame-resistant properties.

The collection offers combination variations on GelResponse Latex, Perfect Form Core, and Tencel Fabric layers. All of these enhance the responsiveness of the mattress as well as improve body contouring. This is impressive as the iMattress collection is also known for having smaller models, up to 12.5” tall.

There are two types of latex foams used, one premium which does more in terms of reducing cross-bed movement disturbance. In addition, this lineup also offers a hybrid mattress that combines gel foam with a coil system.

The 789 ActivEdge is a pocketed coil system. Its main use is to eliminate roll-off, provide additional edge support, and a more consistent sleeping surface. It’s worth mentioning that the iMattress lineup may sometimes struggle with adapting to different body shapes and sizes.



  •   More budget-friendly
  •   Modern and hybrid mattresses available
  •   Express Comfort delivery available
  •   Contains some premium King Koil cooling and support technologies
  •   Available in all sizes


  •   Not as durable as higher-end models
  •   Perhaps too cozy for some sleepers


The Mhybrid collection gets its name from the unique hybrid mattress design that combines coils with memory foam technology. The goal of this lineup is to provide sleepers with the best of both worlds in terms of shape retention and bounce.

When it comes to firmness you have your choice between soft and medium firmness. The soft model combines HypurGel and AdvantaGel technologies for a cozier and more luxurious feel. The HypurGel in particular is known for its resilience and adaptability regarding body movements.

The 1022 PRC coil system is also used in order to improve the mattress’s adaptability to different body shapes and sizes. It also offers good cross-bed movement reduction and can improve sleep patterns for couples.

The medium firmness mattress comes with two additional layers for a total of five. It also replaces some technologies with iFusion, tailormade Tufting (for the cover), and adds another micro coil layer with 2,000 micro coils.

Although the latter model contains more technologies aimed at improving sleeping patterns, cooling, and shape responsiveness, it is somewhat expensive.



  •   Hybrid models for all types of sleepers
  •   Innovative coil systems
  •   Premium gel memory foam technologies
  •   Handmade tufting to avoid layers shifting
  •   Available in up to five-layer designs


  •   Not as comfortable as other options
  •   The mattresses may have too much bounce for some sleepers


Surprisingly, the Luxury collection isn’t the most expensive range. This collection is best-characterized by its wide availability of mattresses in sizes, levels of firmness, and even pricing.

There are mattresses in the collection that feature just two layers and use balanced coil systems in order to provide extra firmness and spinal support for sleepers with back problems. There are also mattresses that use King Koil premium technologies such as iFusion or AdvantaGel to improve cooling and shape contouring.

Another important highlight is the fact that no mattress in the collection uses too many coils. The 858 Contour Elite coil system is the largest one in the collection. It’s not great at reducing motion disturbance, due to the low number of encased coils.

However, it can offer some pressure relief and minimize the chance of rolling off. All things considered, the Luxury collection has a bit of everything for everyone. But it’s by far the most popular collection.

Most of the mattresses have older or more minimalistic designs. As opposed to other collections that have seen their models redesigned and fitted with more innovative patented technologies.



  •   Huge model variety
  •   Accessible to all budgets
  •   Hybrid mattresses available too
  •   From soft to extra firm
  •   Available in layered designs from two to five


  •   Lacking premium features
  •   Average quality coil systems

Final Thoughts on King Koil Mattresses

After becoming familiarized with all or most of King Koil’s comfort, cooling, and support technologies, it’s much easier to understand why the manufacturer exercises higher costs than many of its direct competitors. Even though there’s less country-wide availability of King Koil mattresses, the performance of the designs speaks for itself.

If you’re looking to create some premium sleeping conditions, then you may not need to look any further. And, since there are also plenty of budget-friendly choices, King Koil isn’t a manufacturer you can go wrong with. Hopefully this King Koil mattress review provided an insight in helping you make the right choice. This King Koil mattress review is intended to provide just that.