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What Is The Average Amount of Sleep in Countries Around The World

Jawbone released anonymous data in 2014 that gave the average amount of sleep by city. The data was aggregated and then released to the Wall Street Journal. The city that had the most hours of sleep was Melbourne, Australia with 7:05 hours of sleep a night. The city with the least sleep was Tokyo, Japan with only 5:46 hours of sleep a night.

Today one in five Americans have a wearable device like the Jawbone or Fitbit. Yet there may be some self-selection bias in the sample. Is it possible that people who buy a fitness tracker are more active and therefore need less sleep? It has been shown that daily exercise can increase the quality of sleep.

We’ve written before that exercise is beneficial to sleep.

A 2013 survey by of six countries (Canada, Mexico, United States, Germany, UK, and Japan) noted that respondents from the USA and Japan reported less sleep on workdays than those in other countries.

It is interesting to compare the two studies as one has self-reported data and the other is collected from a massive dataset of thousands of devices. The potential of crowdsourced sleep data could help discover new insights into our sleep.