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Boll and Branch Sheets Review (Quality and Style 2021)

Boll and Branch are some of the best luxury sheets you can buy. They practice sustainable sourcing and use only organic cotton to spin 300 thread count sheets. Though they are more pricy than sheets from Ikea they are much higher quality and will last for years to come.

If you’re looking for a more luxurious night’s sleep pick up, a set of Boll and Branch sheets are a great option.

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Boll and Branch Sheets
What Makes Boll and Branch Sheets Stand Out
A Final Word

Bolland Branch Sheets: Review

Full Review:

Boll and Branch sheets are 100% organic and they are designed to have a pleasant, satin-like texture. They will keep you cool even in the height of summer but they’ll also provide enough warmth when you need it. If you want to sleep under delicate, feather-light sheets of amazing quality, Boll and Branch is perfect for you.

Here is a quick introduction that covers this company’s priorities:

You can order a sheet set directly from the manufacturer. This will include one flat sheet and one fitted sheet, with deep enough pockets to cover even the thickest mattress. Additionally, you will receive one or two pillowcases, depending on the size of the sheets you are ordering.

Some buyers prefer to go for individual flat sheets or fitted sheets. Buying them separately may be slightly costlier but you will have the option of mixing and matching different sheet designs to achieve a fascinating new look for your bedroom.

Boll and Branch is increasingly popular and it is one of the best-known bedding companies in the world. The founders care deeply about providing you with the maximum amount of comfort and restrained elegance.

So, what are the most significant upsides to buying Boll and Branch sheets? Are there any downsides you should look out for?


Great Temperature Regulation

Boll and Branch sheets are soft to the touch but substantial enough to provide excellent heat isolation. These sheets are thin, so they’re ideal for warmer climates, but they can also do a good job of keeping you snug and warm under your blankets even if your bedroom gets chilly during the winter.

Silky to the Touch

There are various styles of Boll and Branch sheets you can choose from. They all have shiny and pleasantly silky sateen weave.

Hence, you can get the sensation of sleeping on silk without having to deal with the hassle of having to wash your sheets by hand. Boll and Branch sheets are smooth without being overly slippery, which will allow you to move around more easily during the night.


Luxury sheets are the kind of investment you don’t want to make more than once a decade. If you follow the laundry instructions carefully, your Boll and Branch sheets can keep providing you with rest and relaxation for a good long time.

A Good Grip

The fitted sheets have very deep pockets and are hemmed with strong elastic. Thus, you can put them on even the thickest mattress and you won’t have to worry about them moving around underneath you.

Breathable and Entirely Organic Fabric

100% cotton sheets are a good choice for people who have sensitive skin. Not only are these sheets very breathable, they will also take care of any perspiration and leave you feeling fresh. Because Boll and Branch is an extremely health-conscious company, you can be sure that your sheets don’t contain any chemicals that could cause you harm.

A Wide Variety of Size and Style

You can get sheets for beds of any size from Twin to California King. The extra pillowcases come in a standard size. You get one pillowcase if you decide to go for Twin or Twin XL sheets and two pillowcases for all other sizes.

However, it’s the different styles that make Boll and Branch sheets truly stand out.

If you want to go for a sleek and classic look, you may enjoy the striped sheets. They come in several restrained colors and their attractive striped texture comes from alternating two different types of weaving.

Hemmed sheets are a great choice for more traditional-looking bedrooms, though they can add a modern touch as well. The hems are seven inches long and you can be sure they won’t wrinkle or look uneven.

Flannel sheets are perfect for people who want a more daring look. They come in various colors ranging from bright to discreet but you can be sure they will never look garish or cheap.

Very Elegant Packaging

Whether you want to send sheets to your loved ones or you want to get a gift for yourself, receiving these sheets will feel like a festive occasion. Boll and Branch takes the effort to hand-package each product in a beautiful decorative box with ribbons. You can add a custom gift message when you make your purchase.


Thirty Day Return Period

While the quality is beyond reproach, it’s possible that the feel of these sheets won’t be exactly what you’re looking for. If that is the case, you can simply send them back and receive a refund within 30 days of delivery. However, it is important to note that the shipping cost won’t be reimbursed.

A Truly Ethical Consumer Choice

If you care deeply about where your money goes, you will love the transparency that Boll and Branch offers. This company pays fair wages and provides excellent working conditions for every employee. Additionally, every step of the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, from selecting the cotton seeds to packaging and shipping.


If You Like Crispy Sheets, You Will Be Disappointed

The difference between crispy and silky sheets is in the weave.

Boll and Branch only offers a sateen weave. This means that this manufacturer’s sheets are designed to remind you of the feel of real satin. They’re extremely silky to the touch and have a beautiful natural sheen.

Some sleepers prefer a matte look and the sensation of using crispy sheets instead. If that sounds right for you, you should look for percale weaves.

Choosing between sateen and percale weaves is simply a matter of personal taste, as neither option is better than the other. But since Boll and Branch only offers one of these options, this might not be the right bedding manufacturer for you. If you’re going to invest in luxury sheets, we recommend going for a design that will match your taste perfectly.

The Sheets Get Softer After a Few Washes

The laundry instructions aren’t particularly complicated: you should use warm water for white sheets and cold water for colors. Boll and Branch also recommends tumble drying on a medium setting. Using a warm iron could help make the sheets somewhat crisper.

Cotton sheets always shrink in the first wash. In this case, the shrinkage is under 5%, which means that these are relatively durable sheets that can withstand everyday use.

However, you will notice that these sheets become softer after you’ve washed them a few times. This is perfectly natural and it may even make them more pleasant to use. But there is a chance the sheets will start to bunch up under you, which may become a source of irritation over time.

Boll and Branch Sheets Cost Considerably More Than Non-Organic Sheets

The cost of these sheets is without a doubt the biggest downside.

If you want 100% organic sheets, Boll and Branch products are relatively affordable. The prices also seem fair if you consider this company’s Fair Trade manufacturing practices.

But if non-organic sheets are an option for you, you can easily find sheets that feel just as pleasant to the touch at half the price. Good non-organic sheets can look equally impressive as well. It’s entirely up to you to decide whether Boll and Branch sheets are worth the investment.

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Materials Analysis:

Boll and Branch offers a 300 single-ply thread count. The company uses its own Fair Trade Certified cotton, planted in India.

Single-ply cotton is considerably lighter and more breathable than multiple-ply cotton. This thread count indicates that the individual strands of cotton yarn are of exceptionally high quality.

Additionally, the sheets are dyed with entirely non-toxic and environmentally-friendly dyes. It’s important to keep the laundry instructions in mind so you don’t have to worry about the colors fading over time.

Who It’s Best for:

Boll and Branch uses the motto “Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep”.

Its mission to provide luxury bedding to a variety of people starts with the fact that the company doesn’t artificially inflate its own prices. By directly shipping the sheets to your home, Boll and Branch makes an effort to give you relatively affordable products with the highest possible quality.

If you love the idea of sleeping under soft and extremely light sheets, Boll and Branch is one of the best choices possible. You can find flat or fitted sheets in any style and you will definitely be able to find the best option for your bedroom. Since there is only one type of weave available, we do not recommend these products for sleepers who want firm and crisp sheets.

To learn more about Boll and Branch products and the process of purchasing them online, click this link.

What Makes Boll and Branch Sheets Stand Out?


When you buy from Boll and Branch, you know exactly what you’re getting. The company offers a great amount of information about its textile sourcing, its manufacturing process, and its business practices.

Fair Trade Employment Practices

A significant part of the manufacturing process happens in India. Boll and Branch’s commitment to paying fair wages and providing safe working conditions has earned it two distinct Fair Trade certifications. Additionally, this is the first bedding company in the world to be Fair Trade Certified.

This company’s employment practices cover the farmers who produce very high-quality cotton as well as everyone who is involved in manufacturing and distributing Boll and Branch products. Furthermore, a part of Boll and Branch’s profit goes to a human rights organization.

Environmental Sustainability

In addition to caring deeply about their employees, the founders of Boll and Branch have extremely high standards when it comes to quality control and sustainability.

Boll and Branch uses fully organic materials and thus avoids any toxins and dangerous pesticides. This is important to your health and safety as well as for preserving our environment. This is why Boll and Branch has also received a certification by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

The packaging is entirely eco-friendly, as the boxes are made from recycled materials.

A Name to Remember

Research indicates that the company’s uniquely ethical business practice is integral to the success of its products. After all, many people care about supporting Fair Trade manufacturers and about being as environmentally conscious as possible.

However, this certainly wouldn’t be enough if Boll and Branch didn’t have a robust marketing strategy as well. You may have heard that three living US presidents use Boll and Branch sheets. This is true and it is one of the many reasons that this company deserves your attention.

If you feel like supporting a good cause with your money while also getting to use impressive and high-quality bedding, Boll and Branch is the absolute best choice for you.

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Boll and Branch FAQ

Where are Boll and Branch sheets made?

Boll & Branch sheets are manufactured in Kolkata, India. This factory is just an 11-hour drive from the organic cotton is grown in Orissa, India. Though less famous than Egyptian cotton, cotton grown in India is of the highest quality.

What is the thread count of boll and branch sheets?

300 thread count, though thread count can be a bit misleading at times. Although more is often thought of as better, you really don’t need sheets with more than 300 threads. Some manufactures will say things like 1,000 thread count. That is just false advertising as you can’t fit that many threads in that space.

Can you buy Boll and Branch sheets on Amazon?

You can buy Boll and Branch sheets on Amazon. This allows you to take advantage of Prime shipping and Amazon’s easy returns. Amazon carries all the Boll and Branch sheet lines.

A Final Word

If our Boll and Branch sheets review resonated with you, you should definitely consider investing in these sheets.

Whether you want a classic design or an elegant but modern look, Boll and Branch sheets will make your bedroom look brand new. Even more importantly, touching these sheets is a delightful experience. Going for organic cotton sheets can also be a great way to protect your health and to keep cool.

You might also decide to make use of Boll and Branch’s decorative packaging and send these sheets as a wedding gift or housewarming gift for someone you care about.

While the price tag may make you pause, you will find that the sheets are durable enough and comfortable enough to be worth it. After all, what could be better than resting under cool, soft sheets after a hard day’s work? A little bit of luxury can make a massive amount of difference.