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Lucid Mattress Review – A Lucid Way To Sleep?

You’ve probably heard about Lucid through one of their promotional ads promising a mattress compressed, rolled, and shipped in a box.

But regardless of how you learned about them, Lucid has certainly been making waves in recent years with their affordable and high-quality mattresses.

They promise the perfect mattress for every sleeper, but how do they really perform?

Read on to find out what Lucid gets right, where they fall short, and whether a Lucid mattress is the right choice for you in this Lucid mattress review.


Some Background on Lucid

Lucid Mattress isn’t a very old company, and as a new challenger, they’re focused on disruption on several fronts. They’ve been in the mattress game since 2010 and base their strategy on providing a wide variety of affordable mattresses.

The gimmick with the rolled mattress in a box serves several purposes.

First, and certainly foremost, it saves you a lot on shipping. Lucid mattresses get free shipping on qualifying orders.

Another thing that the box tells you is that you’re getting a foam mattress. That’s not a lot to go on by itself, but just be aware that there are no springs to be found on most Lucid mattresses.

That said, they do have one hybrid mattress that features encased coils, but it also comes compressed in a box. Don’t ask how they managed to do that!


And third – well, it’s a mattress in a box. How cool is that?

Where most mattress companies try to condense all the best features into one gestalt mattress, Lucid takes the opposite approach. Their philosophy is “no compromise”.

Instead of having a flagship mattress that they try to market to everyone, Lucid believes that there’s a perfect mattress out there for you. They have an extensive range of choices encompassing a large variety of models that are plush, firm, soft, large, small, and anything in between.

All these choices are a good thing, for the most part. With over a dozen mattresses to choose from, you might have trouble nailing down exactly what’s right for you. But there’s also the question of whether it’s worth the trouble.

While Lucid does have great mattresses, they’re not the most luxurious by any means.

If you’re not extraordinarily picky, they have some great middle-of-the-road options as well. They’ve even got mattresses made for younger members of the family.

Basically, Lucid’s promise is that you’ll find a mattress that works for you without too many bells and whistles, and at a price you can afford.

To keep their prices low, they only operate as an online vendor, partnering with Amazon and selling from their own website. You won’t find Lucid mattresses in any brick-and-mortar outlet.

Since Lucid has so many mattress options, this review will only focus on a few of the most popular ones. These mattresses cover a broad spectrum of tastes that are likely to appeal to most users.

Lucid 10-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

As their best-selling model, the 10-inch gel memory foam mattress is an excellent choice for the average sleeper.


Starting with the most obvious features, this mattress is entirely made of foam. The top layer consists of 3” of gel memory foam. This sinks just like regular memory foam, but the gel particles help wick heat away from your body, making it a little cooler.

The 10” form factor is taller than an average mattress and makes this thickness ideal for a master bedroom. Even without a box-spring, this mattress will provide a comfortable height for most adults.

The top layer is also perforated, featuring aerating holes throughout. The holes penetrate down to the 7” high-density polyfoam forming the base of the mattress.

The bottom layer of the mattress is both firm and supportive, which prevents you from sinking too far in as you would a mattress that’s 100% memory foam.

A Tencel knit fabric covers the mattress that’s both thin and airy. Tencel is a form of rayon that shares many of its properties with cotton. It’s absorbent, soft, and very strong.

The cover is thin enough not to interfere with the feel of the comfort layer. In addition, it’s breathable so it doesn’t trap heat.

It’s a firm mattress, scoring around 7.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale, even though it’s marketed as medium-firm. The combination of 3” of memory foam with a dense foundational layer provides a balance between support and comfort.

There’s a plush option available of the same model for people who need a softer mattress.

In terms of motion transfer, the Lucid gel memory foam mattress performs well, but not great. There’s no substantial effort to prevent motion transfer from occurring, but memory foam is decent and contains motion transfer by itself.

Edge support is also fair. The mattress features the same basic materials across the entire surface, providing no additional support on the edges.

The foam used in this mattress is CertiPUR US certified, which means no ozone depleters, heavy metals, and other harmful chemicals are used in their manufacture.

Like other Lucid mattresses, this one comes rolled and compressed in a box with free shipping, and Lucid offers a 10-year warranty on it.


  • Memory foam. If you like the feel of memory foam, this mattress delivers a healthy dose of it. The top comfort layer is thick enough to let you sink into it and contours nicely to your body’s shape.
  • It’s excellent for back-sleepers and good for side-sleepers. The memory foam layer contours take a few moments to settle, but once it does, it provides superb support for back sleepers. It’s even soft enough for most side-sleepers who may need a little extra support around the hip and shoulder areas.
  • Heat retention is minimal. The Tencel cover is the first line of defense against heat retention, and it gets the job done rather well. Next, the perforated memory foam dissipates heat through to the foundational polyfoam layer, leaving next to nothing behind at the top layer. Overall, the mattress retains very little body heat and stays cool through an average night.
  • The perforated memory foam also has outstanding breathability, so it retains very little moisture. Those suffering from night sweats will find that it stays dry under most circumstances.
  • Value! You’ll have a hard time finding a mattress with these features in this price range. Lucid’s mattresses are what you might call “budget” options, and this one is on the low end of even that curve.


  • Memory foam. Both a pro and a con, the memory foam is great for people who love it but makes it a little difficult to move around on the bed since it sinks considerably. Also, it takes a moment to settle in, so if you move around frequently during the night, it may be a little uncomfortable going from one position to another.
  • Stomach sleepers might find that this mattress sinks in a little more than they’d like contributing to a less-than-ideal spine position.
  • The motion transfer on this mattress is fair to good. If you sleep with a restless sleeper, you’re likely to feel whenever they shift or move around.

Bottom Line

If you’re in the market for a memory foam mattress that won’t break the bank, this is probably as good as it’s going to get. It may be too firm for some users, but it’s a nice middle-ground for couples that have different firmness needs.

Lucid Hybrid Mattress

While most Lucid mattresses are entirely made of foam, they also offer a hybrid option for people who can’t live without the bouncy feel of springs.


Lucid’s hybrid mattress has quite a few extra layers compared to their foam models, and that’s necessary to accommodate the innerspring construction.

The cover is a polyester knit fabric that feels plush and soft. Fairly thin, it prevents heat absorption.

Below the cover is a comfort layer of plain memory foam. At 2”, it’s not very thick, and doesn’t sink in quite as much as their gel memory foam mattress. It’s also available in a bamboo charcoal-infused memory foam that helps both neutralize odors and maintains better temperature control.

Below that is a soft polyurethane layer that’s much springier and responsive than the memory foam followed by a denser layer of polyurethane foam.

The second polyurethane foam serves as a transitional layer before reaching the encased springs. These springs move independently, which helps prevent motion transfer.

The sides of the mattress are lined with a high-density polyurethane foam layer that provides excellent edge support.

This Lucid mattress lands at about a seven on the firmness scale. The foam layers on top combined with the spring layer provide a balanced surface that’s soft but still easy to move around on.

Their hybrid mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty and ships free. The impressive part is that even this mattress, springs and all, ships compressed into a box. Unlike the gel memory foam mattress, though, this one has a 100-night trial, after which you can return it for a full refund.


  • It offers both the sink and contouring of a memory foam layer along with the bounce of an innerspring mattress. In theory, this is the best of both worlds, but maybe not exactly what someone might expect from either one or the other.
  • Outstanding edge-to-edge support. The dense polyurethane foam around the edges makes the entire surface of the bed usable, and even larger sleepers won’t feel precariously balanced sleeping on the edges.
  • Moving around the bed is easy, given that the memory foam layer is relatively thin and doesn’t allow your body to sink too far. It does provide enough sinkage to provide good support but won’t make you feel trapped once you settle into it.
  • Good support for back and side sleepers. Back sleepers will find this mattress fits them well, providing good, even support, and keeping their spine aligned. Most side sleepers or combination sleepers will also find that it’s soft enough to prevent uncomfortable pressure from building in the shoulder and hip.
  • Good motion transfer control. Hybrid mattresses, in general, do a great job at isolating motion – especially when they’re equipped with encased springs that move independently. Even if you share your bed with a restless sleeper, this bed will let both of you sleep through the night without disturbing each other.
  • Value again. Like all their other mattresses, this is one of the most affordable you’ll find in its class. Similar features from a high-end brand can easily cost up to three times as much as their Lucid counterpart. The quality and construction of this mattress could easily cost much more.


  • Heavier strict stomach-sleepers might find that their hips sink a little too far into the memory foam, creating an unstable spinal alignment.
  • People who tend to overheat while sleeping might not love this mattress. The top layer is straight memory foam with no additions. A gel-infused memory foam mattress would probably be a better fit.
  • This mattress, like other hybrid mattresses, can’t be flipped, so if you’re worried about wearing out one side faster than the other, there’s no real option to avoid it.

Bottom Line

The Lucid Hybrid is a great mattress at a very fair price point. It doesn’t have many of the luxe features that you might find with big flagship mattresses from major brands, but it provides a decent mix of features for most sleepers. If strict stomach sleepers might find the memory foam to sink a bit too far.

A Lucid Way to Sleep

The two mattresses in this Lucid mattress review are the most popular Lucid Mattresses.

The gel memory foam mattress is a little less expensive, but it’s entirely made of foam, which some people don’t like much. The hybrid mattress does have good features of both foam and spring mattresses but adds a little bit to the price.

Both are excellent in their price range, but neither stands out as a world-class mattress. The good news is that Lucid has well over a dozen models to choose from that can accommodate side, stomach, heavy, and light sleepers.

Some of their models come with a 100-night trial period, so pick up one today and figure out which suits you best. We hope this Lucid mattress review has helped you in your search for the best mattress.