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Top 4 Neck Pillows with Great Neck Support (2021 Review)

Finding a good neck support pillow can be confusing. What do you need, apart from comfort? How can you know which pillow will work best for you without trying it out?

A great neck support pillow will leave you feeling considerably fresher and more relaxed in the morning. These pillows can help you solve your neck pain issues, spinal problems, or even your migraine. They can considerably improve your life quality.

Where do you start? This article offers a selection of four neck support pillow reviews to help you make this choice. It will also briefly look into four runners-up.

We offer an unbiased look into the upsides and downsides of each pillow that we have updated for 2021. The reviews will span different materials, shapes, and sizes. In the end, this article will also cover the main considerations you should factor in before purchasing.

Table of Contents

Our Top Pick
Best Neck Support Pillow for Sleeping Cool
Best Neck Support Pillow for Pressure Relief
Best Jumbo-Sized Neck Support Pillow
The Runners Up
About Neck Support Pillows
A Final Word

Our Top Pick: Perform Pillow Medium-Profile Memory Foam Neck Pillow

memory foam neck pillow


This US-made, chiropractor-approved pillow will provide you with absolute comfort and support. Not only is it hypoallergenic, it’s also made entirely from eco-friendly materials.

But what makes this pillow so alluring? It is extremely versatile and designed with a lot of care and consideration. Whatever your unique medical needs may be, this neck pillow will help.

Additionally, you can get this pillow in three sizes: medium profile, thick profile, and thin profile. This makes it a good choice for people who generally have difficulty finding good pillows due to having a very narrow or very wide frame. You get the option to return the pillow 30 days after purchase, but you may also want to try out more than one profile option.

So what are the upsides and downsides of our top pick?


A Multifaceted Design

This memory foam pillow was designed by an experienced chiropractor. The thicker part of the medium-profile pillow is 3.5 inches thick, while the thinner part reaches 2.5 inches. Hence, back sleepers will find that the pillow will tilt their head back gently without placing a strain on the neck or the spine.

If you’re a side sleeper, you can use the pillow the same way. But to further decrease the strain on your shoulders, you also have the option of turning the pillow upside down. You can unburden your frame if you place your shoulder under the curve and rest your head on the flat surface.

Three Sizes

Most sleepers can go for the medium option. But if you have a large frame and wide shoulders, the thick profile version of this pillow will let you get a good night’s sleep without risking cramps and neck pain. The thin profile option is ideal for people with narrow frames, and also for children.

Practical Cover

The surface of this pillow is extremely solid and has a pleasant cooling effect. It’s made of bamboo, which guarantees there will be no unpleasant odors. Most importantly, you can simply unzip it and put it in your washing machine whenever necessary.

Eco-Friendly, Hypoallergenic, and Formaldehyde-Free

This pillow won’t come with any unpleasant gas emissions. It’s also resistant to dust mites and other common allergens. This makes it a great choice for anyone who has to deal with respiratory concerns.



Unfortunately, this product is considerably more expensive than most other neck support pillows. This impacted the overall rating. While we think that it makes up for the cost with quality, there are some excellent pillows in lower price ranges that can match the comfort of the Perform Pillow.

Too Firm for Some

If you’re a fan of sleeping on firm pillows, this product is perfect for you. However, if you enjoy a softer sensation, you may find it difficult to fall asleep. In some ways, this pillow is designed more for medical use than home comfort.

An Awkward Size

You may find it difficult to find a pillowcase that will fit this pillow perfectly. This is especially true in the case of the low-profile model. If visuals are important to you, the Perform Pillow may be tricky to fit in with the rest of your pillows and sheets.

Material Analysis:

This pillow is made from a specially designed memory foam that doesn’t contain heavy metals. As for the cover, it’s 56% polyester and 43% bamboo, which makes it highly breathable and good for wicking away moisture as you sleep. Furthermore, the cover is very enduring and machine washable.

Who It’s Best for:

People who have medical issues such as cervical disc damage can greatly benefit from using this pillow. It’s great for any body type, and equally useful to side and back sleepers. If you think this neck support pillow can help improve your health, you can click the button below to learn more about it.

Best Neck Support Pillow for Sleeping Cool: ViscoSoft ARCTIC GEL CONTOUR Pillow

ViscoSoft - Ultra Cooling Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow


Since this memory foam neck support pillow has an exceptionally high cooling gel content, it’s a great choice for you if you tend to overheat during the night. The cooling and perspiration-wicking properties will let you wake up feeling fresh and ready to take on new challenges.

Both side sleepers and back sleepers will find that this pillow can ease the tension in their neck and back. It is made of contouring memory foam, shaped to fit your frame in a natural way.

There is an impressive 3-year warranty, which guarantees that this pillow will withstand the wear and tear of daily use. In particular, the pillow cover is machine washable and won’t fray easily.

Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of this product.


This is a Versatile Design

Because of the high gel content and the quality of the foam, it is easy to shape this pillow to any particular need. Side sleepers and back sleepers alike can use it. Furthermore, it’s likely to be a good fit even if your frame is too narrow or too wide for most neck support pillows.

A Good Pillow for Sleepers Who Move Around a Lot

The pillow is soft enough to shape itself to any position you may take while you’re asleep. Thus, you won’t wake up with a cramp or a pinched nerve even if you keep moving around while you’re asleep.

Exceptional Cooling Effect

It can be very difficult to get a good night’s rest if your pillow feels too warm around you. Waking up with a sticky face is unpleasant as well. But this neck support pillow will guarantee that you won’t be kept awake even if your bedroom is exceptionally warm.

The Good Airflow Makes This a Particularly Hygienic Choice

Any perspiration will get absorbed and dispersed as you’re asleep, so you will wake up with a dry neck and no unpleasant odors to deal with. In addition to draining heat away, the extra cooling gel improves the airflow in this pillow, which provides a strong antibacterial effect.


Not Enough Support

You may find this pillow too soft for your needs, especially if you have spinal problems of any kind. In addition to the medical concerns, some sleepers feel uncomfortable when a pillow sinks in or molds to the body very closely.

Might Be Too Small for Comfortable Use

This pillow only comes in one size: 20 inches wide and 14 inches long. This may be too small for comfortable use. A small pillow causes a number of unnecessary problems.

The Pillow Initially Has an Odor

You should definitely start with airing this pillow out before you use it. Unfortunately, the gel may retain a chemical smell for a long while. If you’re sensitive to smells, you may want to go for a different product.

Materials Analysis:

ViscoSoft offers 30% more gel than you would normally get in a gel foam pillow. This means the pillow will both keep you cool and change shape to fit your body. At the same time, this material isn’t ideal if you require particularly firm support.

Who It’s Best for:

If you normally find neck support pillows too firm and uncomfortable, this is the perfect pillow for you. Not only is it affordable, this pillow also provides a great combination of cooling and comfort. However, if you’re particularly sensitive to chemical odors, you may want to avoid this product.

To learn more about the cooling gel design and see the pillow in action, click the button below.

Best Neck Support Pillow for Pressure Relief: Cradle Me Cervical Pillow

woman sleeping on Cradle Me Cervical Pillow


This intriguing butterfly-shaped neck support pillow can help you ease the tension that can form during the night. Its design is ergonomic and you can use it in various positions.

Moving around a lot is an unfortunate consequence of health issues and it makes it harder to get the deep sleep you require. But since you can rotate this pillow during the night, you will find it much easier to reposition your neck in the best way. Pressure points will become much less of a concern.

While this neck support pillow was designed to maximize the comfort of side sleepers, back sleepers can find it extremely comfortable as well. The unique shape makes it a good choice for anyone regardless of body size.

What are some other positives this pillow has to offer? And what are the downsides?


Easier Arm Placement

The butterfly design is great for your shoulders and shoulder blades as well. You will definitely find it easier to settle your arms, regardless of which sleeping position you might prefer.

Memory Foam with No Odor Issues

While there may be some problems directly after unpacking, this memory foam airs out very quickly. The foam here is made to be breathable and to follow the natural curvature of your neck.

A Great Mixture of Softness and Support

This pillow avoids straining your joints and muscles by shaping to fit your body. Then it maintains that shape throughout the night. This support is particularly important if you’re recovering from an injury.

Full Money Back Guarantee

If the pillow isn’t right for you, the manufacturer will refund it or replace it for you.


Too Warm

While the memory foam is fairly breathable, it cannot prevent you from getting overheated. It’s also not a great choice when it comes to withstanding moisture.

It May Come with an Uncomfortable “Sinking” Feeling

In addition to being too warm, the butterfly design can cause discomfort for some sleepers. You may feel that this pillow is surrounding your entire head, which can be a claustrophobic sensation.

It’s Difficult to Find Pillowcases that Fit

A badly fitted pillowcase can be extremely annoying and it can even disrupt your rest. Hence, you may have to use this product without a pillowcase.

Materials Analysis

This memory foam is hypoallergenic and it also doesn’t come with an uncomfortable chemical smell. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have much of a cooling effect. However, the cover is simple to remove and wash, so you won’t have to deal with any odors for long.

Who It’s Best for:

This pillow is a great choice for restless sleepers who would benefit from having different height options available at the same time. It’s particularly comfortable for side sleepers. In addition to solving various spinal issues and neck pain, this neck support pillow eases the pressure from your ears.

If you’re interested, you can learn more about the ergonomic design by clicking the button below.

Best Jumbo-Sized Neck Support Pillow: Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow

waterbase pillow


Waterbase pillows and mattresses aren’t very widespread. However, this pillow proves that this design can provide high-quality rest. It has a number of unique upsides.

Here is a short instruction video that explains how to fill your Mediflow pillow before using it for the first time:

Since it’s up to you to fill it up after arrival, it’s also up to you to determine the best level of neck support for your needs. You can go for a firmer or softer pillow, and even change the inner water pressure over time. The Mediflow pillow is a really good choice for sleepers who have chronic pain issues.

This US-made product is more durable than other waterbase pillows and it is carefully developed to provide the best experience possible. So what are the pros and cons of going with Mediflow?


A Perfect Balance of Softness and Firmness

This is a product you can literally shape to fit your needs. Whether you want firm support or you want to ease the pressure from your shoulders and shoulder blades, this product will allow you to choose the perfect degree of firmness.

Large Enough for Comfort

Since the dimensions are 28 inches by 20 inches, you can be sure this pillow is wide enough to fit you comfortably. Its height is 4.5 inches, but you can make slight adjustments to that when you fill the pillow up.


When it comes to water-based pillows, durability can be a problem, as they tend to leak. But this product is made from high-quality materials that make leaks less likely. Furthermore, it comes with a one-year warranty.



The Instructions Aren’t Very Clear

Using this pillow is fairly straightforward. However, you may want to look up instructions online rather than relying on the ones that come with the mattress.

This Is a Fairly Heavy Pillow

Once you filled it up with water, it won’t be easy to move or adjust this pillow. Some sleepers may enjoy the stability this offers, but many will find it uncomfortable or frustrating.

Noise Can Be an Issue Too

In this case, there are potential sloshing noises.

Materials Analysis:

The combination of polyurethane and water makes this pillow comfortable to use even if you’re normally a hot sleeper. Additionally, the cover is made from soft polyester. This makes it a breathable option that will keep you feeling fresh throughout the night.

Who It’s Best for:

If you’ve been curious about water-based products before, this one is a great place to start. Considering the size, it’s especially great for anyone with wide shoulders. While the water content does complicate things a little, it also makes it easier to adjust this pillow to the perfect firmness.

Click the button below to learn more about this neck support pillow.

woman sleeping comfortable

The Runners Up:

Neck support pillows come in various shapes and sizes. Here are a few good options that couldn’t match our top four:

The Core Products Tri-Core Orthopedic has a unique design. It’s great for side sleepers since it has so-called side lobes that can keep your head comfortably in place. However, it comes with an extremely strong odor that doesn’t always go away, so we advise caution with this product.

If you want elegance, you may enjoy using the WonderSleep PREMIUM Adjustable Loft Pillow. This is a particularly good choice for hot sleepers due to the high-quality bamboo rayon cover. But unfortunately, the classic design isn’t ideal for neck issues, since it doesn’t provide enough structural support.

The Side Sleeper Contour Pillow by Remedy is an interesting choice because you can use it both at home and while you travel. The horseshoe shape makes it interesting for side sleepers, and if you want firmness, you won’t be disappointed. Sleepers who need comfort above everything else may find the design too unusual, and it’s definitely not good for sleeping on your back.

Finally, the MARNOUR Contour Memory Foam Pillow offers really great structural support. It can be a good pillow for spine issues. Nonetheless, it is too warm for comfort.

About Neck Support Pillows

Neck pain is particularly common after the age of fifty. However, it is becoming more widespread among people of all ages due to lifestyle issues. It is crucial to deal with neck-related problems as soon as possible to prevent cumulative spinal injuries or other chronic conditions.

Experts say that using the right pillow can make a considerable amount of difference. Sleeping on your stomach taxes the neck. If you already have to deal with neck strain, it’s much better to start your night in a different position, even if you do end up sleeping on your stomach.

A good neck support pillow will keep your spine aligned when you sleep on your side. If you’re a back sleeper, your pillow should give you support that doesn’t strain your neck in any direction.

Here are a few questions you may have regarding the best neck support pillows available.

What is the Best Material to Choose?

Both latex and memory foam pillows can be good choices for neck support. Water-based pillows are a great option too. The right material for you will depend on your needs, but you should definitely make sure to go for something firm enough, especially if you sleep on your side.

woman sleeping

Why Do Neck Support Pillows Come in Different Shapes?

You can get rectangular pillows, cylindrical, or horseshoe-shaped pillows. Some manufacturers offer entirely new shapes as well.

It’s impossible to tell in advance which of these can provide you with the most comfort. Thus, it’s always a good idea to look for pillows that come with a refund period. You may need to go through several different shapes before you find the best one for you.

Can Pillows Really Help If You Tend to Sleep Hot?

If cooling effects are important to you, you may want to stick with latex or gel memory foam.

Once you find a pillow that has good cooling effects, you will wake up considerably more relaxed. It’s also a very good idea to look for neck support pillow covers that wick away the sweat from your neck. Rayon is a popular choice for this.

Are Traveling Pillows and Neck Support Pillows the Same Thing?

While you can use a traveling pillow for improving your posture as you sleep, the two aren’t really interchangeable. Traveling pillows are designed with portability in mind. Some of them are inflatable, while others are considerably smaller than you would use in your bed.

A Final Word

A good neck support pillow such as the one from Perform that is mentioned in this article will help you protect or restore your health. It is also crucial to developing good sleeping habits. After all, it’s much easier to sleep through the night if your neck has firm ergonomic support.