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Restonic Mattress Review – Is it as good as they say?

With so many choices out there, you probably feel like there’s a perfect mattress just waiting for you to find. Maybe so, but you’ll more likely find that the perfect mattress is the one you’re used to sleeping on.


That said, it doesn’t mean some mattresses won’t suit you better than others.

Restonic is a greybeard in the mattress game, and they still produce exceptional mattresses to this day. They’re known for making luxury hybrid mattresses with a wide range of options and a traditional aesthetic.

In this Restonic mattress review, you’ll get an overview of the Restonic mattress brand and a look at their three main collections of mattresses.

A Brief History of Restonic

Recently marking its 75th year in operation, Restonic opened its doors in 1938. Back then, it was called the Triple Cushion Corp.

Founded by three manufacturers who wanted to build a better mattress than was then available, the company’s focus on making an outstanding product continues to this day. Restonic mattresses are produced in the US using only the highest standards of manufacture and materials.

The triple cushion in the original name refers to a patented three-cushion construction that continues to be integral to the company’s products. Today, that construction has been relabeled into the “Marvelous Middle” but it continues to have the same basic approach.

In 1946, the company was renamed Restonic Mattress Corporation and began a period of unprecedented growth fueled by aggressive branding efforts through television advertising.

Although they started out as a purely manufacture-based company, the enterprise eventually steered into the area of licensed manufacturing. Restonic staff became experts at training other facilities to meet the standards they had developed.

In 2008, the company switched to a decentralized licensing model, under which it continues to operate.

The decentralized model allowed Restonic to abandon its brick-and-mortar headquarters and become a truly global company. Through licensing over a broad geographic region, Restonic mattresses are available online and in physical stores all throughout the US.

Restonic has been awarded the Women’s Choice Award for excellence in brand experience every year since 2011. Their mattress lines have also received numerous awards throughout the years.


Restonic ComfortCare Mattresses

ComfortCare is Restonic’s signature line of mattresses, and it’s packed with every feature they offer.

It has its patented Marvelous Middle technology, which delivers additional support in the middle third of the bed. Providing this support at the level of your hips helps keep your spine naturally aligned.

The Marvelous Middle also helps to equalize pressure across your entire body. Moreover, whereas most mattresses start to sag in the middle, Restonic mattresses with this feature have a much longer lifespan.

The mattress has a luxurious layer of plush foam that feels soft and stays cool to the touch. Other models in the ComfortCare line replace the plush top with high-density foam, smooth Euro top, and firm foam with a cushion, respectively.

Below the cushion top is a high-density foam layer that covers the entire sleep surface. It provides consistent and long-lasting support and extends the life of the mattress.

Under the high-density foam is a gel memory foam layer. Placing this memory foam layer under the high-density poly foam gives you the comfort of memory foam while still providing a solid surface that won’t let you sink in too deeply.

Gel-infused memory foam also helps to wick away and dissipate heat better than plain memory foam.

The core of the mattress is composed of individually wrapped, tempered coils. However, the coils are organized differently than in most other mattresses.

They’re zoned to provide ideal support for each part of your body and to maximize motion transfer control. At the top of the mattress, the coils are also more supportive around the middle than they are toward the top and bottom.

The outside perimeter of the mattress has Restonic’s SuperEdge Plus technology, consisting of two types of dense foam that provides support all the way to the edge of the mattress. This creates a stable base for the mattress and keeps the coils from shifting as well.

Plus, the mattress is wrapped with an Airflow border that allows air to freely pass in and out of the mattress.

Starting in 1987, the ComfortCare mattress line has repeatedly been awarded the Consumer’s Digest Best Buy Award. It’s one of only a handful of products to receive the distinction repeatedly.

Although Restonic is a licensed product and it’s available from many sellers, they offer a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty on their mattresses. Shipping and other charges will be at the discretion of the seller since Restonic doesn’t operate any corporate showrooms.



    The Marvelous Middle is excellent for back-sleepers and stomach-sleepers. The added support in the middle of the mattress is ideal for those sleeping positions and keeps the spine almost entirely neutral.

    Thanks to the AirFlow border, the ComfortCare mattresses retain minimal body heat and most people find that they stay cool throughout the night.

    Restonic’s SuperEdge technology is one of the best available. The edges of the ComfortCare mattress stay firm and robust even after extended use. It has true edge-to-edge support and the entire surface of the mattress acts roughly equally.

    The ComfortCare line is available in four firmness settings. It’s easy to find one that’s perfect for your needs.


    Although Restonic makes a respectable effort to isolate motion in the ComfortCare mattress, it falls short in this area. The coils are exceedingly responsive on the ComfortCare mattress, maybe even too responsive.

    A consistent complaint about ComfortCare mattresses is that their coils are a little noisy. Not enough to really cause a disturbance while you sleep but they do squeak a little.

Bottom Line

A time-tested mattress line, ComfortCare is very well rounded. The zoned support coils are their big selling point and they really make a big difference for stomach-sleepers especially. Most sleepers rate the mattresses as fair to good in any sleeping position.

Restonic Biltmore Mattresses

The Biltmore mattress line from Restonic is the result of a partnership with the world-famous Biltmore Hotel. The mattresses draw inspiration from and reflect the aesthetic and luxury of the Biltmore Hotel itself.

The line features four options, microcoil, hybrid, memory foam, and latex. The microcoil mattress is easily the most unique of the bunch and has features that are rare even in other high-end brands.

The latex mattresses in the Biltmore (and Scott Living) lines feature five layers of end-to-end latex and memory foam. The layers of foam provide outstanding body contouring.


The microcoil mattresses are lined with Restonic’s exclusive cool cover technology which feels plush and soft and doesn’t trap body heat.

The top layer is followed by a thick layer of soft polyfoam that comes in a variety of firmness settings followed by a perforated foam transitional layer. Restonic’s Alumilast technology allows them to create foams with aluminum fibers that increase the foam’s durability, and help the foam conduct and dissipate heat.

The mattress gets its name from the next layer which is composed of 1,300 individually wrapped small coils that provide a superbly bouncy and responsive surface.

The microcoil layer is followed by another foam layer, under which is yet another coil layer with standard coils that are also individually wrapped. The bottom coil layer is separated into five different support zones that provide ideal spinal alignment.

The entire innerspring system is designed to provide comfort for any type of sleeper. The firmness rating is about a 6, so it’s just about the industry standard for an adult mattress.

The Biltmore hybrid mattress is built along similar lines. It replaces the microcoil layer with a gel memory foam layer that provides more stability and motion transfer control.

Like other Restonic mattresses, the Biltmore line has a warranty against defects in workmanship or materials.


    A variety of options means you’re likely to find one that suits you just right. The microcoil technology of Biltmore mattresses really makes for a versatile mattress. Coupled with the zoned support system, they’re a good fit for most types of sleepers.

    The two inches of Alumilast foam disperses heat very well, and the Biltmore mattress stays cool even through the warmest nights. Two inches of memory foam also provides excellent body contouring so you feel supported in any position. Plus, it’s a very durable foam.

    Zoned coiling is one of the best things that Restonic offers and the microcoil mattress enhances the effect of that. Every zone provides just the right amount of support.

    Instead of high-density foam, the edge has two rows of extra-thick coils that prevent the edge from collapsing and are far more durable than a foam edge. You can sleep all the way on the edge without feeling like you’ll roll off the side.

    If you like foam mattresses, the Biltmore line’s latex mattress is among the best.


    The Biltmore mattress line is quite pricey and the microcoil models, in particular, are at the top end of what you likely want to pay for a mattress.

    Some customers have complained about durability issues with the Biltmore models, especially for a mattress in that price range.

Bottom Line

The Biltmore mattress line features high-end mattresses with some top-shelf features. They’re not cheap, but they’re worth the investment. To some people, the look of the Biltmore line is a little too traditional and they might prefer something more modern.

Restonic Scott Living Mattresses

The result of yet another partnership, the Scott Living mattress line represents the style and aesthetic of Drew and Jonathan Scott. You may recognize their names from the popular television series, Property Brothers, which they helped create and currently host.

The Scott Living line of mattresses is mostly the same as the Biltmore line. They have most of the same characteristics but feature a more modern aesthetic that better suits a contemporary home.

Like the Biltmore line of mattresses, Scott Living has a large variety of models with many optional features. So, whether you like a firm or soft mattress, you’ll find it in this line.


Restonic isn’t a typical mattress manufacturer. They have a fairly unique business model that doesn’t encompass showroom distribution and brick-and-mortar stores. This ends up causing a bit of confusion about how exactly they operate. Here are answers to some of the most common questions that consumers have about them.

Where Can I Buy a Restonic Mattress?

If you’re purchasing online, your best bet is to order from Restonic’s Amazon store or from Restonic’s official website. If, on the other hand, you want to purchase it from a physical outlet, Restonic offers a search tool for local retailers that carry their mattresses. You can find the tool on their website.

Does Restonic Offer White Glove Delivery?

No, Restonic doesn’t offer it directly, but their authorized third-party retailers may offer the service depending on their policies.

Does Restonic Set the Prices for Their Mattresses?

Restonic does offer mattresses for sale through their online store. However, third-party sellers can change the prices as they see fit. Picking up a mattress from a showroom is likely going to cost more than buying it online. Shipping costs will also depend on the seller’s policies.

Where Do I File a Warranty Claim?

If you purchased a Restonic mattress and think that you have a warranty claim, don’t go to Restonic directly. File the claim with the retailer where you purchased your Restonic mattress.


The Tonic for a Great Rest

As this Restonic mattress review states, Restonic mattresses have been around for a long time and while they have an air of mystery, now you should be well-versed in their business model and offering.

Restonic mattresses aren’t exactly budget-friendly, but they have some features which you won’t find anywhere else. Coupled with their 20-year warranty, that makes them worth the money for many people who try them.

If you just want a basic Restonic model without too many accessories, look for something in the ComfortCare line. Their best-selling models are in this line and you’ll get most of the benefits of a Restonic mattress and still keep your shirt!

If you’re willing to spoil yourself, try their Biltmore or Scott Living lines for a truly luxurious mattress with high-end features. We hope this Restonic mattress review puts a perspective in your search.