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Zeopedic Mattress Review – What’s the Hype About?

Everyone wants to sleep as comfortably as possible, but high-quality mattresses can cost a fortune. Alternatively, sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress makes you wake up achy and stiff.

Zeopedic mattress tries to solve this problem. They offer comfortable and affordable mattresses that they conveniently deliver to your doorstep.

But do they succeed in these promises? Read the following Zeopedic mattress review to find out.


Zeopedic Mattress – What’s the Hype About?

Imagine what your usual mattress shopping experience would look like. You’d have to spend hours in various retail stores finding the perfect, non-expensive mattress.

Afterward, you’d have trouble transporting the cumbersome mattress to your home. Or you could pay for a delivery which can add up to a few hundred dollars more to the final price.

But Zeopedic makes all this a piece of cake. If you buy one of their mattresses, you’ll get it in a conveniently delivered box.

This mattress-in-a-box trend is growing in popularity every day. There are no additional fees or transportation issues. Just unpack the box and your mattress is there.

But that’s not all. Zeopedic is taking over the market because of its price. For instance, Big Lots retailers recently picked it as the number one discount mattress in their store.

The thing is, a Zeopedic mattress doesn’t look like a discount mattress at all. It’s multi-layered and filled with high-quality foam. So it’s nearly as comfortable as many of its much more expensive counterparts.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s on par with premium mattresses.

Overall Features

When it comes to aesthetics, there’s not a lot of difference between Zeopedic and other mattresses.

It follows all standard bed dimensions (twin, full, queen, king) with 10″ thickness. Therefore, it can fit your regular bed without any trouble.

The outer cover is made from a fabric that enables aeration throughout the entire mattress. Also, you can easily unzip it and take it off, allowing you to keep it neat.

You can also wash it as much as you like, which will add a refreshing aspect to the room. On top of that, you can keep it hygienic, removing the microbes and dust mites.

However, it’s the inside of the mattress that needs particular attention. It consists of multiple layers of memory foam that maintain temperature and breathability.

Of course, their primary purpose is to provide support and comfort. So, here’s some more information about them.

  • Top layer – The top layer consists of 3″ of memory foam with the addition of cooling gel. This gel maintains the same temperature regardless of outer conditions. Therefore, if it’s warm, the gel should help in reducing the heat and vice-versa.
  • Gel layer – This layer sits between two memory foam layers and provides your mattress with necessary breathing space. The aeration releases hot air and also reduces moisture at night.
  • Bottom layer – The bottom layer represents the core of the mattress. It consists of 7″ high-density memory foam. The purpose of this foam is to keep the bed comfortable and firm.

All three layers work together to relieve the pressure from the body and provide support. Ultimately, they should help you sleep peacefully and wake up without joint and back pain.

Firmness and Support

Zeopedic’s average firmness rating ranges from 5 to 6 out of 10.

This places it in the category of medium-firm mattresses, albeit on the softer side. For instance, the majority of sleepers prefer to sleep on a bed with a firmness score between 6.5 to 8.


The top layer is soft and cozy so you’ll have a smooth feel as you fall into the mattress. It will adapt to your body shape and position and you won’t “bounce” like with some other mattresses.

Also, despite the softness of the mattress, stomach sleepers won’t sink in. That’s unless they’re packing some serious weight.

However, stomach and back sleepers can still experience different kinds of issues.

Softer mattresses apply more pressure on the shoulders and neck compared to firmer mattresses. Therefore, if that’s your preferred sleeping position, you may not feel as comfortable.

On the other hand, side sleepers will have a satisfying sleep, since they don’t experience that type of pressure.

Overall, Zeopedic mattresses provide all necessary support and firmness to an average sleeper. If you don’t have any medical problems or extra weight, you should wake up eager and well-rested.

However, if you prefer a harder surface and firmer cushion, you may want to look elsewhere.


The pricing is what separates Zeopedic mattresses from the rest. The company prides itself on its discount prices that still get you a great sleeping surface.

So, what exactly are these bargain prices?

For instance, a twin-sized Zeopedic mattress costs only around $250.

A queen-sized cushion goes for approximately $450, while the king is in the range of $600.

Of course, the exact price will depend on the retailer and the delivery costs. You should also keep a lookout for any special offers and discounts which can tank up the costs further.

One thing is certain. These mattresses definitely fall into an affordable category compared to similar products on the market. Therefore, Zeopedic lives up to its promise of being affordable.

But how does the price reflect on the longevity of the product?


According to various user reviews, there are specific issues regarding the durability of the mattress.

After frequent use, it will start to wear visibly. Despite excellent support, the foam may also begin to lose shape and bulge after several years.

Of course, some methods may increase the longevity of the fabric.

First of all, you should know what the proper bed frame is for this type of mattress. You need a sturdy base with perfect frame dimensions so the mattress always stays in shape.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the mattress’ no-zoning system. This means that there’s no dedicated elevated spot for your head or a leg area.

Therefore, you can rotate your mattress from time to time as it will feel the same under your head. This allows you to equally distribute the burden over time and increase the mattress’s life.

Ultimately, Zeopedic aims at the lower end of the market. For that target, you’ll get a perfectly comfortable bed that should serve you well for several years.

Are All Components Eco-Friendly and Safe?

A lot of buyers pay attention to the eco-friendliness of their products. Healthy components go both ways: they benefit the environment but also keep you healthy.

Plenty of mattresses on the market are made out of low-quality fabrics and materials. Sometimes they are even toxic or cancerous.

What about Zeopedic?

Well, Zeopedic has an Oeko-TEX and CertiPUR-US certification. This means that it doesn’t contain any ozone depletes or toxic and harmful substances.

On the other hand, you may notice an unpleasant smell when you first unbox your mattress. It comes from a polyurethane foam that forms its base layer.

However, there’s no need to panic. This is common for most modern mattresses that contain gel-infused memory foam.

Just leave it out in the open for a few days until it fully expands and the smell goes away.

However, this is important to keep in mind before you buy a new mattress. You may want to keep hold of your old mattress for a few days before you get a new one.

If you throw it out too quickly, you may have to sleep around the polyurethane’s strong, unpleasant smell.

Does It Have a Trial Period or Warranty?

When you’re paying big bucks, you want to make sure that the mattress will suit you perfectly. Thus, manufacturers of premium mattresses often offer a sleep trial period.

However, Zeopedic falls into the opposite category. It’s an affordable, packed mattress that doesn’t offer a trial period.

So, it’s best to be entirely sure that you’re making the right choice before you pay up.

On the other hand, the warranty depends on the store. All stores will offer a guarantee, but not more than a couple of years. If you’re lucky, you may find a 5-year and even 10-year warranty.

After all, you’re buying at a discount price, so there’s a big chance that it will get damaged before the designated time. But since it’s cheaper than most, you can easily get a new one.

What About Shipping?

Similar to pricing and warranty, the shipping terms will depend on the retailer. However, the shipping fee should never be too high, as this mattress is relatively easy to transport.

Some stores offer free shipping if you’re buying a larger purchase. For example, if you buy a mattress frame along with the mattress, they’ll probably scrap any shipping costs.

But here’s another great thing. You can go and get your mattress on your own. After all, it’s packed in a small convenient box that you can put in your trunk or fit on a car seat.

Picking up a mattress by yourself may prove the quickest and most cost-effective solution.

Zeopedic Topper – Is It Worth It?

If you want a more convenient and even cheaper solution, you can turn to Zeopedic Topper instead. The company manufactures these toppers as an alternative to a regular mattress.

It’s essentially a thick layer of memory foam that you can put over your existing mattress for more support and comfort.

This one is a 2” layer that contains the same foam as the mattress. Placing it over your regular mattress will add significantly more softness.

Additionally, it has the same temperature and moisture regulation properties as the mattress.

However, keep in mind that the topper isn’t equally efficient with all mattresses. If you have a regular innerspring mattress, it will provide softness and less “bounce”.

However, it won’t work as well with other memory foam mattresses.

Anyhow, for the quoted price (around $50) it’s a product that you should consider.

Upsides and Downsides Breakdown


Now that we know all the essential things about Zeopedic mattresses, it’s time to list the pros and cons. If you’re still on the fence, this should help you decide.


  •   One of the most affordable mattresses on the market
  •   Great quality for a discount price
  •   Removable cover that you can wash easily
  •   Soft and comfortable, with three layers of foam
  •   Maintains temperature and reduces moisture
  •   Easy to ship and transport
  •   Easy to assemble – unpack it and let it expand
  •   You can buy the cheaper topper instead


  •   Question marks over durability
  •   Doesn’t have a trial period
  •   Unpleasant smell when you unpack it (requires few days of off-gassing)
  •   Some consider it too plush
  •   Larger-sized sleepers can “sink” into the mattress

Who’s the Mattress for?

A Zeopedic mattress can find a place in most households. If you find it comfortable, you can use it as a primary cushion for your bed. However, it can have other useful purposes.

Here are some:

  • Great for guests: The most common issue with this mattress is its durability. However, if you use it for your guest bed, you’ll significantly extend its lifespan. Additionally, your guests will sleep on a comfortable and supportive surface.
  • Great for children: Believe it or not, a lot of users buy the mattress for their kids for two reasons. First, it’s cheap and it can last just about enough until the kids outgrow it. Also, the removable covers are convenient to wash in case of nighttime accidents.
  • Comfortable for side-sleepers: If you sleep on your side, you’ll sleep like a baby on this mattress. You’ll wake up fresh and without feeling achy.

On the other hand, those who sleep on their stomach or back may tell a different story. It’s also not for those who like firm surfaces as it’s soft. Additionally, more massive people may easily sink into the mattress.


Zeopedic promises a cheap mattress of decent quality, and this Zeopedic mattress review elaborates on that. And they deliver! It’s genuine to its target group and representation. Therefore, customers are rarely left disappointed.

Plus, it’s affordable and comfortable, utilizing the latest memory foam techniques for ultimate comfort.

Thanks to the mattress-in-the-box feature, you can transport and assemble it easily. That’s unlike similar, cumbersome mattresses that require more money and effort to ship around.

Overall, if you want a mattress for your bedroom that you’ll sleep comfortably on without splashing too much cash, this one is for you.

However, don’t expect premium quality and longevity. You get what you pay for, after all. We hope this Zeopedic mattress review answered most of the questions you may have had.