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What is the Best Ikea Mattress (Quality vs Price)

Shopping at IKEA can be overwhelming. Even if you want to get your mattress directly from an IKEA store, it’s a good idea to start with some online research. There are different models, materials, and price ranges to consider.

If you’re buying IKEA products, you’re aiming for a clever Scandinavian design that will provide you with comfort at an accessible price. This article will help you figure out which is the best IKEA mattress for your specific needs. Finding the perfect mattress can be all you need to improve your sleeping habits and wake up more cheerful every day.

Here is a selection of three high-quality mattresses that could be perfect for your bedroom.

Table of Contents

Most Durable IKEA Mattress
The Best Choice for Your Money
Most Comfortable IKEA Mattress
The Runners-Up
Important Things to Keep in Mind about IKEA Mattresses
A Final Word

Most Durable IKEA Mattress: MORGONGÅVA Natural Latex Mattress

MORGONGÅVA Natural Latex Mattress


Latex mattresses are a great choice if you want softness, coolness, and comfort. The MORGONGÅVA is made of 85% natural latex, which fits easily to the contours of your body.

If you have to deal with pain in your shoulders, neck, hips or back, this could be the best mattress for you. While it’s soft enough to diffuse the pressure on your body, you won’t find yourself sinking into it. Natural latex provides the best degree of firmness for back sleepers but it can be a great choice for side sleepers too.

Since the top layers of this mattress are made from cotton and wool, this mattress won’t overheat in the summer, but it will keep you warm and cozy during the winter months. These materials are also highly breathable, so you won’t have to deal with excess moisture.

What makes this mattress stand out from the rest? And what are some of the downsides?


More Durable Than Other IKEA Mattresses

The high natural latex content makes this a good choice for anybody, including people who weigh more than average. You will get comfort that lasts you a considerable amount of time. Furthermore, all the covers are well-made, so fraying isn’t too likely.

You Can Use Both Sides

If you like using a mattress you can flip over, this one could be the best choice for you. This is also a good way to keep your mattress in good condition and prevent certain health issues.

Easy to Set Up

If you need a mattress you can use immediately, this one is a good choice. While it is somewhat heavy, it’s packaged in a practical way that makes it easy to take home and install in your bedroom.

It Keeps You Cool and Takes Care of Moisture

The MORGONGÅVA is a great choice for people who overheat during the night for medical reasons or because of the warm climate. It’s designed to take care of excess heat and perspiration. Additionally, it is firm enough not to make you feel like you’re surrounded by your mattress.


IKEA guarantees that at least 50% of this mattress is made from recyclable materials. You can enjoy the comfort and coolness of latex without having to worry about any potentially hazardous synthetic elements.


The Cost

This is a relatively costly IKEA product. If you want to avoid investing too much in a mattress for your guestroom, don’t go for the MORGONGÅVA.

Strong Chemical Smell

While there is no outgassing, the latex itself has a strong smell when you first unroll your mattress. This should go away in time, but people with enhanced olfactory sensitivity might have problems with it even after months of use.

Might Be Too Firm at First

It takes a while for this mattress to become soft enough for maximum comfort. If sleeping on a firm surface isn’t an option for you, you may want to go for a different product.

Materials Analysis:

It’s important to note that this isn’t an all-natural latex mattress. Those are generally sold at an even higher price. The MORGONGÅVA is 85% natural latex and 15% synthetic latex, which could be the reason behind the unpleasant smell.

However, the cover is 100% natural cotton, which is one of the best options possible. It will keep you cool and you won’t have to deal with unpleasant body odors of any kind.

Who It’s Best for:

If you want a durable mattress that can withstand any weight, this is one of the best options for you. It’s particularly good for sleepers who have pain issues, as the latex spreads the pressure out evenly.

While it may be too much of an investment for some buyers, this mattress makes up for the cost by being relatively durable. It is definitely too heavy to be a good temporary arrangement.

Learn more about the MORGONGÅVA by clicking the button below.

The Best Choice for Your Money: HAUGESUND Spring Mattress

HAUGESUND Spring Mattress


Here is a high-quality spring mattress with individually wrapped springs. Spring mattresses are a classical choice for many reasons. The individual wrapping makes this mattress fairly comfortable, and it also minimizes motion transfer.

While spring mattresses are usually heavy, this one is roll-packed, which makes it easy to carry. Here is a quick demonstration of how to set it up:

The springs provide this mattress with firmness and great cooling power. Most notably, this mattress is very affordable and performs better than other mattresses in the same price range. Here are some of the upsides and downsides of the HAUGESUND Spring Mattress:


It Sleeps Cool

If overheating is a problem you have to deal with, you may want to go for this spring mattress. After all, the air flows freely between the springs, and that takes care of all the body heat accumulated during the night. Since the polyester-rayon wadding has good anti-perspiration properties, this product will allow you to wake up refreshed and energized.

Bounce and Comfort

Each individually wrapped spring contributes to the structural support this mattress can give you. It’s definitely firmer than average, making it a good choice for back and stomach sleepers.

No Noise or Excessive Motion Transfer

Sharing a spring mattress with a partner can be tricky because the springs result in a high level of motion transfer.

However, the individual wrapping and soft filling in the HAUGESUND mattress efficiently isolates you from your partner’s stirrings. It also mutes any squeaks and creaks. Even lighter sleepers won’t have problems with it.

Extremely Affordable

This is one of IKEA’s most affordable mattresses. If you need a mattress for a special occasion or a temporary arrangement of any kind, this is the perfect choice for you.

Easy to Carry and Set Up

This mattress is considerably easier to carry than other spring mattresses. After unpacking this roll-packed mattress, you can use it immediately, although it may not be entirely comfortable until 72 hours have passed.

Two Different Firmness Options Available

Depending on your needs and sleeping habits, you could go for the Firm or the Medium Firm options. Medium Firm may be the better choice to start with. Like with any IKEA mattress, you have the option to exchange your purchase for another product if the firmness levels aren’t adequate.


Uneven Surface

Spring mattresses have a reoccurring problem: some parts wear out more easily than others. Hence, you may end up with an indentation after a few months of regular use. In addition to sagging, it may become lumpy over time.

May Be Too Firm for Comfort

If structural support is all you want, this mattress is perfect for you. However, some find it uncomfortable, and it may not be a good choice if you have back pain or other issues.

Frays and Sags Easily

This product isn’t particularly durable. Getting a mattress protector will help keep the cover in good shape.

Sagging is another possibility you should take into consideration. This mattress is a good choice for children or for very occasional use. But it’s not a good long-term solution for adults, especially heavier adults, because the springs get worn down fairly easily and you can’t flip it over to keep it in good shape.

Materials Analysis:

The mattress contains 594 steel springs, while comfort is provided by polyurethane foam. Springs are a good choice for anyone who likes a firm mattress and wants to avoid sleeping hot. Since the cover is polyester and rayon, it’s good at wicking away moisture.

Who It’s Best for:

We recommend this mattress for people who like to sleep cool on a relatively firm surface. Durability is an issue, but this mattress is very affordable, so it could be a good investment even if you have to change it in a couple of years. It is a particularly great pick for a guest bedroom.

If you want to find out more about the HAUGESUND Spring Mattress, click the button below.

Most Comfortable IKEA Mattress: MATRAND Memory Foam

MATRAND Memory Foam


Memory foam mattresses are popular for a reason. They provide great structural support and can help a great deal with back problems. Since this mattress shapes to your body, it can decrease the tension on your lower back and hips or on your shoulders.

Back sleepers and side sleepers will both find the MATRAND comfortable. It is firmer than other memory foam mattresses, making it a great choice for whatever type of bed frame you may have. Thus, it won’t sag easily and it can provide you with comfort for a good long while.

It’s also important to keep in mind that this mattress is very affordable, considering the quality. It’s one of IKEA’s most economical memory foam mattresses, and it matches more expensive mattresses in comfort and durability.

So what else is great about this mattress? And what do you need to watch out for?


Contour Fitting Design

Despite being relatively firm, this mattress can be a good choice for people who need pressure relief. It can help with some medical conditions and it accommodates different sleeping styles. Additionally, it has a great combination of softness and firmness, so you won’t wake up with painful pressure points.

A Machine Washable Detachable Cover

The MATRAND is very easy to keep clean. You can simply unzip the cover and put it in your washing machine. Being a polyester-cotton blend, the cover is unlikely to shrink, as long as you follow the instructions.

Very Reasonable Price

This is one of IKEA’s most affordable options. The memory foam won’t lose its shape even after extended use, so this is a great choice for your bedroom.

A Very Lightweight Mattress

Before unrolling, this mattress weighs around 35 pounds. This means you can probably bring it home and set it up without any help. It isn’t too difficult to carry it around even after it fills out.


May Be Too Firm for Some and Gets Firmer Over Time

If you want to go for memory foam because you want a very soft sleeping surface, this mattress isn’t the right choice for you. While it doesn’t sag over time, the MATRAND may become stiffer after extended use.

Too Warm for Some

The cover has adequate moisture-wicking properties, so you won’t have to deal with perspiration too much if you go for this mattress. However, memory foam isn’t a good choice for keeping cool during the night. You should avoid this mattress if overheating is a problem for you due to medical conditions or menopause.

The Surface Tends to Fray

Even if you choose not to machine wash the covers, fraying could happen fairly quickly. This definitely isn’t a mattress you want to use without a mattress protector.

Materials Analysis:

This mattress is made from a mixture of memory foam and polyurethane foam. It’s equipped with rayon-polyester ticking. The cotton content in the cover makes it more breathable than average.

Who It’s Best for:

The MATRAND is a very affordable option, and remarkably easy to carry. Hence, this mattress is a great choice for dorm life or for other temporary sleeping arrangements. At the same time, it performs fairly well in the long term, as long as you use mattress protection or a topper.

All in all, we recommend this mattress to sleepers who want comfort and prefer a firm surface. Click the button below for more information.

The Runners Up:

IKEA is well-known for the variety it offers. Here are some other quality mattresses that aren’t quite as good as our top three:

If you want comfort and durability, the MYRBACKA Latex Mattress is a reasonable choice. It’s even relatively affordable. However, it is made from synthetic latex, which may come with some health issues, so we opted for the natural latex option instead.

The MINNESUND Foam Mattress is extremely affordable. If you need an extra mattress to keep around for the occasional guests, this one is a good option, especially since the cover is machine washable. But you can’t expect either durability or structural support from this product, as it is simply too thin.

For sleepers who like spring mattresses, the HOLMSBU Spring Mattress could be a good choice. It’s built from three different layers of mini-springs, making it comfortable and great at minimizing motion transfer. However, it is expensive and doesn’t provide enough durability.

a comfortable bedroom

Important Things to Keep in Mind about IKEA Mattresses

You may need some time to find the best IKEA mattress for you. There are options for every body type, occasion, and budget.

However, there are a few things that all IKEA mattresses have in common. Here is a list of reasons you may want to go with this retailer:

The Testing Period

IKEA offers an incredibly generous one-year testing period. While you cannot return your mattress fully, you can exchange it for another mattress within 365 days of purchase.

You will need to bring the receipt as well as identification. IKEA also accepts other proofs of payment, such as your credit card history. In some areas, it’s possible to arrange for a pickup, so you won’t have to worry about transporting it personally.

The Warranty

All of the mattresses listed in this article come with a 25-year limited warranty. The warranty doesn’t cover tears and scratches. It also doesn’t apply in cases of inappropriate use, such as keeping the mattress in a humid environment.

But if there’s a structural issue with your mattress, IKEA may be willing to exchange or repair it.

An Ecologically Sound Choice

While not all IKEA products are all-natural, it’s important to note that IKEA is committed to environmental sustainability. Hence, you can be sure that your purchase will not damage the environment excessively.

Customer Service

In most cases, IKEA customer service is helpful and willing to take your needs into account. However, you may end up waiting too long for feedback, so it’s a good idea to be persistent.

A Final Word

One thing all these products have in common is the firmness. If that matches your sleeping needs, IKEA may be the best source for you. You should keep in mind that the durability varies and largely depends on the price. The MATRAND Memory Foam mattress in particular stands out as it provides the most comfort and that while it’s pretty affordable.

Whether you decide to purchase your mattress online or at an IKEA store near you, you will have a good shopping experience. You can simply unroll these mattresses and enjoy a good night’s sleep.