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GhostBed Review – [4 models compared]

GhostBed mattresses have long since been a hot topic of discussion. With so many people having difficulties sleeping, for various reasons, this manufacturer tries to address as many issues as possible, at a reasonable price.


This GhostBed review article will take you through all the mattresses you need to know about, highlight their unique features, and compare them so you’ll know what suits your needs and your bedroom best.

GhostBed Lineup

Most people know the GhostBed Original Mattress. But this is just one model. There are four of these mattresses in total. And, apart from the original design, three are specialty mattresses. Each one has unique features aimed at improving the comfort of a select user base.

With that in mind, know that all mattresses that came after the original model, use the original as a blueprint. Including some of its well-established technologies and design features that need no changing.

What are the mattresses?

  •   GhostBed Original
  •   GhostBed Luxe
  •   GhostBed Flex
  •   GhostBed 3D Matrix

GhostBed Original Mattress

The original GhostBed mattress is constructed out of three layers of foam. The first layer, at the bottom, is 7.5” thick and made from high-density poly foam. On top of the support foam layer, the mattress has a 2” thick gel memory foam layer.

This helps with regulating the temperature all year round. The top layer is just 1.5” thick and made of aerated latex foam. This gives the mattress a spongy feel and proper airflow, to further improve breathability and temperature regulation.

The mattress also comes covered. On top of the last layer, you’ll find a soft, plush cover made of polyester and viscose. It’s elastic, durable, and surprisingly well ventilated. It’s also smooth to the touch and not textured.

Mattress Firmness

The firmness is medium. The mattress doesn’t bounce back up immediately. This is surprising given the spongy texture of the top foam layer. Of course, the firmness will differ based on the user.

The original GhostBed mattress will feel firm for lighter users. Whereas heavier users, those over 160lbs, will likely find that the mattress offers additional pressure relief.

Supported Sleep Positions

Because this mattress isn’t too firm, it will support all sleeping positions. There’s sufficient pressure relief to allow a comfortable side sleeping position, with hip, shoulder, and arm support.

The mattress also makes sleeping on the back and on the stomach comfortable. Plus, the relief isn’t too much that your spine would lack the proper alignment.

That said, combo sleepers may experience some difficulty. Although all positions are supported, switching between them will need some adjustment time. That’s mostly because the mattress won’t bounce back fast.

Designed for All Seasons

Some mattresses are designed for cold weather and others for warm weather. Some mattresses come with two sides, each one layered for optimum performance in certain temperature ranges.

The GhostBed original mattress is different. It has one sleeping side and has been designed as a neutral mattress. This means that it shouldn’t cause overheating during the night. Unfortunately, this also means that the mattress won’t provide impressive cooling.

This feature might make it hit or miss for some people. However, it’s worth noting that lighter individuals should feel a bit cooler as opposed to heavier users. That’s because the latter is more likely to sink into the mattress slightly.

Motion Isolation

What’s also impressive about this mattress is the motion isolation and edge support. Couples can have a good night’s sleep because of the three-layer design. This will limit the amount of cross-bed motion and prevent waking the other person up if one has to get out of bed or switches positions a lot during the night.


  •   Promotes natural temperature regulation
  •   Great motion isolation
  •   Affordable price in all sizes
  •   Spongy
  •   Moderate edge support


  •   Slow bounce back responsiveness
  •   Not the best for people with serious overheating issues

GhostBed Original Mattress Verdict

Ideal for individual sleepers as well as couples, this mattress is highly versatile for many reasons. Although it has a sweet-spot weight limit, it also has a very high weight capacity, of up to 750lbs, when using the right foundation.

Neutral temperature control is something that many homeowners are looking for these days since it means less maintenance in the bedroom. It also eliminates the constant need for mattress flipping or making serious changes to the bedroom in-between seasons.

GhostBed Luxe

The GhostBed Luxe mattress has some pretty unique features and is more niche. It’s an ideal warm-season mattress because it features the patented GhostIce Fabric as well as the GhostIce Layer.

Main Highlights

Construction and Feel

In terms of construction, the GhostBed Luxe boasts seven layers, each one uniquely constructed to offer a specific type of comfort.

For example, the GhostIce Fabric is a plush cooling fabric. It has a soothing and soft feel and helps regulate body temperature. The quilted surface uses cooling fibers and a patented design that allows superior airflow, and thus better cooling. Also, within the cover, you’ll also find gel-memory foam.

Another highlight of the design is the GhostIce Layer. This layer uses a GhostBed patented technology that can “read” a person’s body temperature and adjust accordingly to prevent overheating. The gel memory foam also helps maintain proper spine alignment.

Unlike the original GhostBed, the Luxe mattress doesn’t have a latex layer. However, it does have a latex-like layer in the form of the GhostBounce Layer. This provides a more memory-foam-like experience with more accurate and reliable contouring, and better responsiveness too.

The base of the mattress uses the same 7.5” thick high-density foam support. Of course, this is what gives the mattress its durability, weight capacity, and what ultimately also improves the cooling function.


  •   Ideal for warm seasons
  •   Multiple cooling technologies
  •   Seven layers
  •   Very soft and cool to touch
  •   High weight capacity


  •   More expensive than the original
  •   Not great in the winter

GhostBed Flex

The GhostBed Flex combines some of the features of the Luxe mattress as well as those from the original model. It can be categorized as a hybrid mattress that offers a bit of everything. But, it also provides some additional support that other mattresses from GhostBed don’t offer.

Construction and Feel

This mattress also comes with seven layers. As such, it has a height of 13”, even though it doesn’t come with additional weight capacity.

At the top, the mattress boasts a cool to touch quilted cover made with cooling fiber and a 1” gel memory foam layer. The memory foam offers some spine support while the fibers allow for superior airflow and provide additional cooling.

The GhostBounce layer is also present, as it is in the Luxe model. It’s used for its responsiveness and body contouring properties. What’s new in this model is reinforced coils.

The coils are individually wrapped and reinforced in order to provide a weightless feeling. As an added benefit, the edges of the mattress now offer much better support. They’re more responsive, rigid, and even prevent the user from slipping off, when resting on the edge of the bed.

This is called SpiritedEdge support and is only featured in the GhostBed Flex mattress. It’s a unique feature that some users may be willing to spend the extra money for, in order to experience.

At the bottom, the Flex mattress has the same high-density support layer as the original model and the Luxe model. The firmness of the 7.5” high-density base provides good back support, longevity, and an overall more durable foundation.


  •   Premium edges support
  •   Cooling cover
  •   Seven layers
  •   Wrapped and reinforced coils
  •   More bounce


  •   Pricier than the original
  •   Not the best motion isolation

GhostBed 3D Matrix

This is GhostBed’s latest invention, a 12” mattress with a seven-layer construction. Some of the layers have been used in the other models. But there are also some new and unique features that will clearly separate the 3D Matrix from the rest in the lineup.

Construction and Feel

The top layer is the recognizable GhostIce Fabric cover. It offers cooling, a snug feel, and helps improve the responsiveness of the mattress. Another very important layer is the GhostBounce. This is 2” thick and it’s all about improving the airflow of the upper layers and pulling in heat from the body.

One of the new layers is the Ghost 3D Matrix Soft Transition Foam. This foam layer may just be 1” thick but it does a great job of calming restless sleepers. It helps with contouring the body and offering a snugger feel.

This model also features some support coils, individually wrapped. Again, this technology changes the feel of the mattress from spongy to springy and should help accommodate users that want a bit of extra bounce and a faster bounce back responsiveness.

There’s an emphasis on edge support, unsurprising given the use of the SpiritedEdge support coil technology. Another layer is a pressure-relieving memory foam layer which carries a unique formulation for the 3D Matrix model.

Last but not least, the experience-defining layer is the 3D Matrix Polymer Layer. This offers a thermal conductive gel polymer that can absorb residual and excess heat from under and around the user.


  •   Ergonomic and adaptable to various body types
  •   Superior heat absorption properties
  •   Enhanced edge support
  •   Three-dimensional comfort
  •   Better cooling


  •   Premium pricing
  •   Not as firm as advertised

Luxe vs. Original Direct Comparison

The extra layers in the Luxe mattress have a clear impact. For one, the cooling-specific layers and unique thermo technology will offer superior cooling to the original model. Of course, this also means that the Luxe isn’t the ideal choice for someone who prefers to sleep warm and feel extra cozy.

Additional layers also make the Luxe slightly thicker and higher. The Luxe stands at 13” tall as opposed to the GhostBed Original which is just 11” tall.

Again, this makes the Luxe more dependent on circumstances, as not all beds can comfortably accommodate a tall mattress. The Luxe is also slightly pricier because of the added layers and cooling technologies.

Flex vs. Original Direct Comparison

The Flex mattress is yet another upgrade to the original GhostBed. At least for those looking for some unique features. It’s not particularly temperature neutral since it does have additional layers and technologies that favor cooling.

Still, it’s not the coolest mattress in the lineup. What the Flex does significantly better than the original model is to offer better edge support. It also has a springier feel, as opposed to the spongy and less responsive feel of the original GhostBed.

It’s also a bit more expensive, but understandably so, given the additional features, layers, and extra height.

3D Matrix vs. Original Direct Comparison

The 3D Matrix model is hands down the most expensive mattress in the lineup. It tries to do many things at once, and for the most part, it succeeds. It offers much better cooling than the original mattress and does so without adding too many new layers.

However, the mattress may sometimes draw too much residual heat from the body and the top layers of the mattress. Therefore, it might cool the body more than the sleeper needs, especially during cold seasons.

It’s also worth noting that the GhostBed Original is still somewhat firmer. That’s not to say that the 3D Matrix with its unique ergonomics and new technologies doesn’t offer plenty of comfort. But some people may still prefer real firmness over superior contouring.

Flex vs. Luxe VS. 3D Matrix Direct Comparison

When comparing the Flex and Luxe mattresses, a few things become quite obvious. Both models offer some features that the original model doesn’t.

The Luxe is clearly the best cooling mattress in the GhostBed lineup. Whereas the Flex model has some cooling technologies and good airflow but it’s not that much more superior to the original model.

Instead, the Flex mattress caters to people that want a bit more bounce in their mattress. That’s where the unique coil designs contribute the most.

When it comes to the 3D Matrix, it’s pretty much the sum total of the Luxe and Flex mattresses put together. And, with the added benefit of being just 1” taller than the original model, while still maintaining the seven-layer construction of the GhostBed specialty mattresses.

GhostBed Mattresses Final Verdict

As you can tell from this GhostBed review, this bed is no longer a one-trick pony. The introduction on the market of specialty mattresses, as well as the constant development of new technologies, makes this a very versatile lineup.

The question of which mattress is the best in the lineup is hard to say. Not one of them can really do it all, but it’s safe to say that whatever your sleeping patterns and preferences are, there’s at least one GhostBed mattress that can accommodate your needs. Hopefully this GhostBed review has helped identify solutions to common sleep problems.